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#dontjudgechallenge Viral Videos Take Selfie Generation In All-time Low

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#dontjudgechallenge is sending the wrong message
#dontjudgechallenge is circulating around social media

Search for the hashtag #dontjudgechallenge and you’ll find new viral videos that are?taking social media outlets by storm, and putting today?s selfie generation into an all-time low. The challenge, called the ?Don?t Judge Challenge?, is a vanity dare that?s actually posing as an anti-body shaming campaign.

Here?s how it goes: promoted via the hashtag #dontjudgechallenge, videos showcase individuals with fake unibrows, painted pimples, tooth gaps, and crazy hairstyles posing like idiots in front of the camera, only to cover it with their hands and surprise ? they are revealed to be your very attractive boy or girl next door.

The challenge is supposed to dispel the idea of judging people with first impression, as they may actually be more beautiful in person. Since the start of the challenge this month, participants reached to two million in a span of two weeks! And the numbers continue to grow in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Negative message of?Don’t Judge Challenge in Viral Videos

But here?s where the message gets lost. For all the positivity it?is supposed to convey, what seems to come out are shallow opportunities where people get a stage to show how attractive they really are. Call it selfie with a twist ? videos that express vanity rather than positivity.

Now don?t get me wrong, there?s nothing bad?with appreciating the finer examples of our species, but the challenge poses the idea that having a unibrow, pimples and a gap tooth is something to judge about ? and there?s definitely shame in that.

In an article released by ABC News, some teenagers (who mainly accepted the challenge), questioned the significance of #dontjudgechallenge, putting into focus the fact that instead of celebrating individuality, people are actually mocking.

?Shouldn?t ?Don?t Judge Me? mean you shouldn?t care about what someone looks like at all?,? online user Campbell Urrutia asked in a video. ?You shouldn?t care about if they?re hot or not.?

?When you do things like beauty shaming, you?re still focusing on someone?s external world and you?re really not getting to know somebody,? Ajmere added.

One 17-year-old named Abigail took to Twitter to voice her outrage, saying the movement missed its mark.

?The ?Don?t Judge Challenge? is so stupid,? she said in an online video. ?You?re making it seem like people who wear glasses, who have acne, who don?t have good eyebrows are ugly and unattractive. It makes no sense.?

Positive message

Now there are people who are turning the negativity around, with some participants showing first a video of themselves fully made-up and then transforming into appearances sans the make-up.

This?is called ?Beauty in all? movement, and although it may not be as popular as the #dontjudgechallenge, this is definitely one dare?that?s worth taking on.

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