More Mushrooms: A Look at the Super Skyrim Bros. Mod

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image courtesy of Nexus mods

In 2011, we were treated to the fifth in the Elder Scrolls series, in a world where chaos plagued the land, and a returning evil threatened the already-fragile peace that prevailed over the land. Welcome to the world of Skyrim, where the Empire?s grip is slowly becoming loose, and Nordish rule is becoming the norm.

While it is well-designed, and Bethesda did leave the game fairly open to modification, it still lacked certain qualities. These were spotted by avid fans and gamers of the series, and they responded. It is thanks to them that we now have countless Skyrim mods that we can download on sites like Skyrim Nexus and the Steam Workshop.

Most of these mods were made for a specific purpose, such as the customization of the character creation menu, tweaking the appearance of the player?s character or the NPCs, or giving something to the player; armor, a weapon, or a dwelling place they could not normally get in the vanilla version of the game. Then there?s the Skyrim Beautification project and the Skyrim HD version, which requires a powerful graphic card to pull off.

Most of these mods, though, become crazier and crazier. And as if Skyrim didn?t have enough monsters, dragons, and beasts in the wild, now, a mod has been made introducing Goombas, turtles, and wild, ravenous plants into the world of Skyrim. Say hello to the Super Skyrim Bros. mod.

image courtesy of Nexus mods

image courtesy of Nexus mods

This isn?t just a normal mod for Skyrim, but it adds an entirely new region to the world of Skyrim. This world might be a little familiar, filled with red brick blocks, Koopas, gold coins to collect, and countless warp pipes you may just be able to enter. The mod is a quite nicely crafted piece of homage to the plumber?s favourite playground, although it might just be quite weird enough to be interesting. Imagine dressing your Dragonborn in the familiar over-all of your favorite plumber, and shouting the heck out of King Koopa?

The weirdness of this world finds justification in that it is all a dream of the Dragonborn; though as to why he dreams about Mario, that we?re still quite unsure about. To go to this strange new world, which might or might not be a creation of the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath, you need to enter an added abandoned house. On it, you will see a ?Dream Bed?. Sleep on it, and soon enough, you?ll be able to enter the world of Mario.

Creatively enough, this Skyrim mod is all contained in one, nifty file, making it quite an addition. It doesn?t even overlap any other areas of the vanilla game, and is even stable enough to play for long hours. If you?re one of those Skyrim players looking for a nice change of pace and scenario, this mod may be able to address that. Super Skyrim Bros. is a quirky addition to a nice game, and a fitting homage to a gaming classic.


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