More ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Worlds Still to Come, Director Says

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Kingdom Hearts 3
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It seems there is still more to come for fans who continue to wait on Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3. The game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently revealed that there are still some worlds featured in the game that have yet to be revealed. Interestingly, KH3 won’t be the only Kingdom Hearts game that will be getting a new world. Kingdom Hearts X, which is also available as a mobile game known as Kingdom Heats Union X, will also boast of a new world of its own as well.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Still Has Some Unrevealed Worlds

At the recent D23 Expo 2018 Japan, Nomura divulged that despite the game’s most recent trailer showing off new worlds — such as Tangled and Monsters Inc.KH3 still has “more unrevealed worlds” to come. This comes as exciting news ahead of the game’s release, as the possibilities are endless regarding what these new additions may be.

Co-director Tai Yasue teases that one KH3 world in particular pertains to one previous game in the series, though as to what this may be was not clarified. “This Kingdom Hearts is a bit different,” he says. “One world is equivalent to one [previous] game, and the things to do for each world are vastly different. My favorite world has not yet been announced so please look forward to it too.”

Nomura goes on to share that KHUX will boast of a new world that has yet to appear in the franchise. Notably, however, this new world will not make an appearance in the long-awaited KH3. “KHUX is connected to KH3,” Nomura explains. “Then, there will be a new world that didn’t appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, and it will appear now. But it won’t be in Kingdom Hearts III. And from here the story will drastically change.”

Latest Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveals Monsters Inc. and New Theme Song

As some fans may know, the most recent trailer for KH3 shows off gameplay from new worlds. Besides footage of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the universes of Toy Story and Tangled, the trailer also shows the trio in the world of Monsters Inc. As is the case with certain other KH worlds, the trio are seen to sport new appearances in order to adapt to the Monsters Inc. universe.

Furthermore, the game’s theme song was finally revealed as well. Utada Hikaru — who was behind the theme songs for both the first KH game and its sequel — returns once more for KH3. A brief snippet of KH3’s theme song, Don’t Think Twice, is revealed in the game’s latest trailer, teasing fans on what is to come upon the game’s release in 2018.

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