More ‘Halo 5’ and Xbox One Updates Before the Actual E3 2014 Event

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Halo 5
Halo 5

If Microsoft?s Xbox One wants to do some catching up with Sony?s PlayStation 4, they?d better be doing something on the level of what infamous: Second did, along with other exclusive-to-PlayStation indie titles. Sure thing, there was their Titanfall, to attempt and cover the gap between the two console giant?s sales ratio. However, let?s admit it, Titanfall is a great IP, but it isn?t enough to be a console shifter, like what Halo and Gears of Wars were. It?s not really going to be very helpful too, if they just keep us hanging on words, without ?confirmation? on things, but it?s a great thing, that aside from June, E3?s month, we will get a few chunks of updates from their titles this May as well.

The newly appointed Corporate Vice President, Phil Spencer, brought the news to his Twitter, about the company?s plans for the biggest gaming event of the year. Spencer confidently states that Xbox owners will be stuck with their consoles for more than a year or so, because they will have loads of IPs to be released this year, along with a host of sequels to already existing titles (possibly).

One of these games, and probably the most important one in their lineup, would be 343i?s Halo 5. It is not yet the official title, and changes might be made as it goes along, and they might announce a different one at E3. Aside from new multiplayer modes for the game, not much has been said about the game yet. It is unlikely that Halo 5 will be out this year, but let?s wait for E3 to give us the answer to all these questions.

Spencer, however, said that, even though E3 is still a month away, they will have a couple of updates for us this May, which might specifically ?focus? on things that fans and potential newcomers might be expecting. Halo automatically comes to mind. Hopefully, we can hear more about Halo 5 in the following weeks OR if there are some Halo spinoffs that ?we didn?t hear of yet.

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