The Mophie Space Pack: the iPhone Case that Saves Your Battery and Space

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Most iPhone users would agree that the phone has two weaknesses: it runs out of space and battery. Today, people?s lives circulate on the various high ? tech capabilities that smartphones can do to make tasks easier. Some phones can already track a person?s blood pressure, keep notes, send email messages, and so much more. This is why battery life and storage space still remain a problem, which will be solved by the Mophie Space Pack.

The Space Pack

One of the ways to solve a battery problem is by adding a battery case. However, the phone would look bulky and become heavier. This will defeat iPhone?s slim and light features. The Mophie Juice Pack solves the issue without sacrificing the iPhone?s overall look.

The Mophie Space Pack, on the other hand, solves the issue for iPhone 5 and 5s. It is the very first case that has the ability to double the phone?s storage and battery life. It may look identical to the Mophie Juice Pack case, but this one is 3 millimeters longer. Both iPhone cases have this little round button at the back and when pressed, it will illuminate the iPhone?s fuel gauge.

The Space Pack is already available for pre ? ordering and will arrive in March. If you have a 16 gigabyte or a 32 gigabyte iPhone model, then you can now expect your phone?s memory to double.

Space: an App for Sub ? apps

People might wonder how invisible the additional storage will be. They might think that the new storage works like an external hard drive that one uses for personal computers and laptops. For some technical reasons, the additional storage cannot be unified with the existing one. However, a special app called Space will help users organize their files.

This app has sub ? apps called Videos, Music and Gallery. Each sub ? app allows users to work with files that sit on the Space Pack. For instance, if movie files are stored on the Space Pack, users will need to open the Space app and access a sub ? app. In this scenario, the user must access the Videos sub ? app. These files stored on the Space Pack cannot be accessed by the default apps on the iPhone.

Simply put, this iPhone case works like a second phone.

Use it as a Flash Drive

One big perk of using the Mophie Space Pack is using the extra storage as a flash drive. Users can connect the case to any computer that has a cable. The storage pops up on the desktop like when you insert a flash drive on the port. Simply drag and drop the files for easy transfer. Since it works as a separate storage space, the Mophie Space Pack can also be used into a different phone. Transfer it to another iPhone and other people can already see the files inside it.

Mophie points out that having extra storage and battery life give a person ?peace of mind. This ends the inconvenience of going out with a bulky battery case or a portable charge. It is also the beginning of turning phones into laptop replacements ? a really incredible idea.


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