‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds’ Extended Due To High Ratings? Official Statement Released

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The Moonlight Drawn by Clouds has been rating exceptionally well that there are already reports about its extension. This issue was finally addressed via an official statement from KBS.

Titled in other territories as Love in the Moonlight, the k-drama features Park Bo Gum as Prince Lee Young. Actress Kim Yoo Jung plays a masqueraded eunuch, whom he eventually falls in love with.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Ratings

The series premiere last August gathered only 8% ratings. This was primarily because its debut coincided with the finale episode of SBS Network?s Doctors Korean drama.

However, the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds ratings picked up on its second week. According to Nielsen Korea, its audience share doubled to 16.5%.

Now, the fantasy rom-com averages at an astounding 20% viewership per episode. Its rival k-dramas, such as SBS? Scarlet Heart Ryeo, reportedly only gathers single digit ratings.

Official Statement on Series Extension

Being one of this season?s most successful shows, rumors have been circulating that Moonlight Drawn by Clouds will be extended.

An insider has even confirmed that there were negotiations about having at least two additional episodes.


Moonlight Drawn By Clouds – Photo from Facebook

However, KBS Network has reportedly decided that the extension will no longer push through. According to Soompi, showrunners will end the series with its original plan of just 18 episodes.

Fan event

While the extension will not be happening anymore, fans are still hopeful because of rumors that the show will have a fan event.

Reports began following a guest appearance of lead star Bo Gum on Entertainment Weekly. The 23-year-old actor promised that they will have a fanmeet if Moonlight Drawn by Clouds ratings reaches 20 percent.

Since that number has already been exceeded, viewers are expecting the event to push through. However, Bo Gum?s reps from Blossom Entertainment explained that the fanmeet will still be finalized.

An insider also explained that the cast is still too busy with ongoing filming.

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