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Moon Lovers Episode 10 Spoilers: Hae Soo Sentenced to Death

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Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lover fans look out! We have new spoilers about the upcoming episode 10 and things are looking gloomy.

The preview has given out some very chilling scenes. Character?s lives are at risk, as the plot grows ever more dramatic.

If your curiosity is at an all-time high, then keep reading. If you want to save the story for the air date then turn around now or forever hold your peace.

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One scene that came out of episode 10 that will set the tone for the episode is when the Crown Prince?s life is endangered. The scene showed that someone is out to poison the Prince.

Things escalate even further. Wang So knows about the plan, and with his resolve, he protects both the prince and Hae Soo. The 4th prince intercepted the poisoned tea and like a martyr, drank it.

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What?s going to happen to Wang So now? Not to mention, the Crown Prince was spared but now Hae Soo is on the spot light.

She brought the poisoned tea. She?s going to be prosecuted for attempted murder. Not to mention, the horrible things that will happen to her in prison until the execution date.


Hope & Loss

But all is not lost for Hae Soo. She will be saved, but at a price. It?s been revealed that Court Lady Oh is planning to take the fall for Hae Soo.

Lady Oh will convince everyone that she was behind the assassination attempt all along. Removing all the blame for Hae Soo.

If you?re still worried about Hae Soo, the story still still has some episodes ahead of it. Odds are, the writers wouldn?t kill her off this early in the drama. ?

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Another ominous scene that many fans are anticipating is the dubbed the ?rain scene?. Its where Wang Soo is seen beside Hae Soo as he keeps her out of the rain.

The preview scenes didn?t give much for fans to take in and figure out episode 10. But it did give a clear message that events that will transpire on episode 10 will be big. And with the tone of the previews, fans can expect it to be as shocking as it is morose.


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