Moon Express Update: Ultimate Vacation Plan to the Moon Possible in 10 Years

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Moon Express

Have you heard of Moon Express? Holiday vacations often bring happiness to everyone but they mean different things to different people. For some, a getaway means fishing in your uncle?s boat or baking in your grandma?s house.

Others think that no-work days are opportunities to read books, watch movies, or ?of course- eat and sleep. Now, a new definition of the word vacation might just pop up.
If you get tired of all the shiz on Earth, you can now avail mankind?s ultimate vacation plan, totally and literally ?out of this world?.

Moon Express: Probably the greatest holiday escape

Philanthropist Naveen Jain is the living epitome of the popular phrase ?anything is possible.? Established in 2010, his company called Moon Express holds the record for the only private enterprise to be given a permit to travel beyond Earth?s orbit.

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In other words, Moon Express is the only lawful organization capable of landing on the lunar surface aside from NASA.?In fact, next year, Jain?s enterprise will launch an unidentified spaceship in an effort to teach humanity how ?to stand outside our planetary system and to learn how to live somewhere else.?
In an interview with CNBC, Jain noted that space travel for ordinary men and women could begin 10 years from now. The idea for the Moon Express originated from the Google Lunar XPrize, the international competition that offered $30 to anyone who could soft land on the moon?s rocky surface.

Moon Express Update: Of course, it won?t come cheap?or will it?

If you want to be cosmic travelers, you better have $25 billion. The good news is, that amount is for the time being. Actually, the space mission set next year would only cost $7 million. Then, per Tech Times, Jain said that in 2026, lunar escapades would cost $10,000 only.

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Moreover, the travel time from Earth to its terrestrial buddy would be possible in just four hours. How amazing is that?

Well, four hours is faster than the travel time from New York to London.

Just how would it feel to use orbit satellites as target destinations for romantic dates? There?s just so many possibilities, especially now that we have Moon Express. And people will surely find out all about them soon.

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