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Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch: Everything We Know So Far

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An Artwork Of Monster Hunter
One Of The Wyverns In Monster Hunter [Image Courtesy Of Monster Hunter Official Website]

Capcom had big news for Monster Hunter fans recently as it revealed that the popular action series is once again making its way to consoles. The most recent entry, Monster Hunter XX, is going to have a Nintendo Switch version later this year. It’s not just a simple port though as Capcom is adding in a few bonuses for Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch which launches on Aug. 25 in Japan this year.

This isn’t the first time that the series is headed to console since it moved to Nintendo. Monster Hunter 3rd Ultimate was available for the Wii U and 3DS. The Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch version is coming with a few extra features and here’s everything we know about it.

New Nintendo Switch Hardware

Capcom recently revealed that it worked with Nintendo to release a new Nintendo Switch hardware designed to commemorate Monster Hunter. The console will have a copy of Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch and it sells for $352. As expected, the pre-orders for the device went out quickly. No release date has been pegged for the console yet but it could launch the same time as the game.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Extra Features

The most important difference between the 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of the game is the graphical improvements. Since the 3DS is without a doubt the weaker device compared to the Nintendo Switch, the game looks a whole lot better on the console.

The recent trailer revealed that the Nintendo Switch version is way more detailed than the 3DS version. The more refined graphics is accompanied by excellent lighting and it’s probably the best looking Monster Hunter game so far in the series. Still, the visuals is far from being up to par with Nintendo developed games on the Switch such as Zelda Breath of the Wild, ARMS and Mario Kart 8.

Another key feature is that players will be able to transfer their 3DS saves to the Nintendo Switch version so they don’t have to start over. The recent trailer also boasts crossplay between the Nintendo Switch and 3DS versions of the game.

To this date, there is no word if Monster Hunter XX will be localized to the west. Seeing as there’s already a Nintendo Switch version of the game, Nintendo and Capcom might opt to launch the localized version launch simultaneously for the 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

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