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Monster Hunter World: Soulsborne Mechanics Invade The Series; All Features And Returning Content

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Monster Hunter World
The Anjanath, A New Monster In Monster Hunter [Image Courtesy Of Monster Hunter World Trailer]

After some leaks several weeks ago, a new Monster Hunter game has been revealed and it’ll come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game’s trailer was one of the show stealers during Sony’s E3 2017 conference and fans of the franchise are excited to see how Monster Hunter World will be like when it launches early 2018. From the looks of things, there are a bunch of new features that make it different from previous games in the series due to it possibly being influenced by the Soulsborne titles from Bandai Namco. 

The trailer revealed at Sony’s E3 2017 conference gave us a glimpse of the gameplay of Monster Hunter World and those who’ve been playing on the 3DS for years now we’re probably surprised to see the huge shift in style made by Capcom. There’s more to the game than meets the eye as it’s very different from the PlayStation 2 entry and the handheld games, as well as any other mainline entry in the series. 

Seamless Gameplay

Unlike the previous games, each location will no longer be segmented into separate areas on the map. Both the hunters and monsters themselves can seamlessly travel from one area to another. If this is the case, Capcom might be introducing large maps for the game to accommodate more room for exploration. Moreover, day and night will shift while in-game, which is a completely new feature for the series as well.

In the trailer, we get to see the hunter use some sort of a flare gun to call for help. This will be part of the core gameplay experience as players can use the flare guns to call for help any time. Players can drop-in on other players’ sessions when help is needed. This is yet another missing feature in the previous games, which is reminiscent of a similar feature in the Soulsborne series wherein players can use specific items to call for help from other players.

Having an in-game item to request for online assistance eliminates the need to integrate hard menus to go online with others, making the experience feel more seamless. Those who accept the call of other players will likely get to free roam normally. Unlike the Soulsborne titles, however; having a player vs player battle for online play seems unlikely.

In terms of combat, the game looks more serious and hardcore. This could be Capcom capitalizing on the popularity of the Soulsborne series. Things are looking so serious, we’ve yet to see or hear from the popular creatures in the series. Palicoes, who are the felyne creatures in the game, have been in the series since its inception.

The Arsenal

As confirmed by the community manager of Monster Hunter, the game will have all 14 weapons from the past entries. These include the original weapons (the Greatsword, Sword and Shield, Dual Swords, Lance, Hammer, Light Bowgun, and Heavy Bowgun); second-gen weapons (Long Sword, Gunlance, Hunting Horn, and Bow; third-gen weapons (Switch Axe and Charge Blade); and the fourth-gen weapon (Insect Glaive).

Simultaneous Release

For the first time ever in the history of the series, a Monster Hunter game will launch at the same time across all regions and this means no one gets left behind, except for those on PC. The PC version will launch later than the console versions, but it’s still better than waiting for a year to see the title get localized.

Old And New Faces

Monsters from the previous games are going to be back in the upcoming title. We see Rathalos and Aptonoths in the trailer. Monster Hunter personality Kogath also shared the names of the new monsters .For the new creatures seen in the trailer, the huge T-Rex like creature is the Anjanath. Meanwhile, the frog-like creature on the other hand is called the Great Jagras.

A Living World

There’s more to the areas than just gathering points now. In Monster Hunter World, players can use the environment to their advantage. They can even pit monsters against each other if the battle gets too intense.

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