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Monster Hunter World: Why The Game Is Getting So Much Hate

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Monster Hunter World Trailer Shows Of Anjanath
A Hunter Taking On An Anjanath [Image Courtesy Of Monster Hunter World]

There weren’t a lot of amazing reveals at E3 2017, but the few that stood out really wowed audiences. During Sony’s E3 conference, a new Monster Hunter game for consoles and PC stole the show. It’s been awhile since fans have gotten a major Monster Hunter game for the console and many expected the game to be well-received. That’s not true though as Monster Hunter World is getting so much hate from the community.

It was expected that Monster Hunter World was not going to be received well by every fan of the series, but no one expected this much hate for the title. For a game that was intended to be a main entry Monster Hunter 5, the upcoming game is something completely different than what fans have been used to all these years and from this stems several reasons why the game received flak.

Monster Hunter XX

It has been announced recently that Monster Hunter XX for the Switch will not be coming to the US. This might also mean that the 3DS version is cancelled as well. This caused more uproar in the community as it feels like Capcom left behind the devoted Nintendo fan base for Monster Hunter World.


Quick time events (QTEs) are going to be part of the Monster Hunter World experience. As seen in the trailer, the hunter was in a tough spot against an Anjanath and a QTE occurred. It’s a common feature in most action-oriented video games, but it’s not something Monster Hunter fans have seen in the past entries.

Quick time events are often scripted parts of a gameplay experience and this is something that Monster Hunter fans aren’t used to. The unscripted gameplay of Monster Hunter is one of the many reasons why it has captivated many.

Too Serious

From the get-go, it’s obvious that Monster Hunter World strays away from the light theme of the past entries. Again, this is something that fans aren’t accustomed to. Despite the overall goal of hunting and slaying monsters, Capcom manages to keep the mood upbeat with funny gestures, memorable tunes, and many more.

While many welcome the huge game-changing improvements, fans feel Monster Hunter World lacks the charm and personality of the previous games. We don’t know just how serious the next game is but if Capcom sets the tone too heavy, they can expect more flak from the community.

Fear Of Paid DLCs

In the 3DS entries, Capcom supplied gamers with free DLCs for several months after a new game launches. The DLCs include new quests, armor sets, and many more. Perhaps the best part about that deal is that players need only to wait for the DLC to drop as they don’t have to pay for anything aside from the game itself. Most 3DS titles are free from the chains of DLCs, but the same can’t be said for consoles and PCs.

Obviously, fans are afraid that there might be paid DLCs coming to Monster Hunter World. If this does happen, then the community will be split between those who pay for DLCs and those who opt to stick with the basic offerings of the game.  Whatever the case, Monster Hunter fans have never paid for a DLC and if the upcoming game offers extra content for more money, then more hate will ensue.

There Might Be A Ton Of  Missing Series Mainstay Features

Since the full rundown on the gameplay of the upcoming title isn’t available yet, many fans are wondering if the game will be a huge step away from the series. Many are also worried if the usual features in the series would make it in the game.

So far, Monster Hunter’s community manager has revealed that some of the returning features include health and stamina bars, sharpness, and gestures. Even Palico and Palico armors are returning. Unless fans get to see the full game in action, they will be skeptical about this new take in the series.

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