Monster Hunter World: New Features From The Westernized Entry For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

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Source: Sony E3 2017 Youtube livestream

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World has just appeared on the Sony E3 2017 show. The trailer featured brief gameplay footage along with an early 2018 release window. Here’s what we know about the new Monster Hunter game.

New Combat Systems

As seen in the Sony E3 2017 presser, the Monster Hunter World trailer featured brief gameplay footage, but without any HUD. Monster Hunter World seems to feature many new monsters. The trailer also featured new gameplay systems that can be used to fight the monsters.

In the trailer, hints of the Monster Hunter Generation’s Aerial Style can be found on its weapons as the character climbed some vines and used an air attack on a monster. The character also used a grappling hook to move out of harm’s way and drop some large debris on an enemy. Lastly, the grappling hook was also used to recover and latch back on the monster after he was knocked out of the tree.

Players can also use the environment to their advantage. The player character was able to hide from a group of monsters by hiding in bushes. Additionally, the player was able to hide his scent from a dinosaur by wearing a leaf suit over his armor. Forcing monsters to knock a specific tree down could also force it to entangle themselves with its vines, like a net trap. Players can get creative with their hunts if they know their surroundings and get more from it than just plain loot.

Online Mechanic

Lastly, the last part of the trailer teases the multiplayer aspect of the game. The last bit shows the main character shoot up a flare. This signals several other player controlled characters to hitch a ride on their respective monsters to travel to his position.

So far, Capcom’s announcements cover some information about Monster Hunter World’s multiplayer system. Its online game mode allows “dropping in” during other player sessions to help them out on their hunts. It’ll also feature cross-region multiplayer play between their Western and Japanese players.

What Little We Know So Far

So far, no exact release dates but a release window of Early 2018 is listed for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Meanwhile the PC version will come at a later date.

Despite the hype, Monster Hunter World is a spin-off title and the main series still hasn’t migrated from the Nintendo platform. Additionally, this is a Monster Hunter entry that focuses more on Western audiences. While some Monster Hunter entries were released on the PS4, they were Japan-exclusive. Potentially, Capcom might want to service their Western fans, as stated in the previous leaks.

Series Covers All Platforms

Based on previous leaks, there would be two versions of Monster Hunter. One will stick to its traditional gameplay (Monster Hunter XX) while the other is a Westernized one (Monster Hunter World). Overall, Capcom might be pushing Monster Hunter to be a household name by 2018. Monster Hunter’s former rival, Bandai Namco’s God Eater, doesn’t seem to have any new releases soon but the new Code Vein game might compete with this title. For now, we’ll have to wait for more official Monster Hunter World announcements.

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