‘Monster Hunter: World’ Guide to Unlocking Ryu From ‘Street Fighter’

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Monster Hunter: World
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The availability of Monster Hunter: World not only gives fans the game they have been waiting for, it also gives them opportunities to explore the Monster Hunter experience with special events and crossovers. The game’s most recent crossover event involves another Capcom popular Capcom franchise: Street Fighter.

Street Fighter in Monster Hunter: World

A new crossover quest in World sees Street Fighter’s Ryu becoming a playable character in the new Monster Hunter game. However, as with most special rewards in the game, Ryu must be obtained by means of fulfilling a quest.

How to Acquire Ryu in Monster Hunter: World

The Street Fighter V Event Quest that needs to be accomplished in order to unlock Ryu is called Down the Dark, Muddy Path. It requires a Hunter Rank of 3 or higher and is a three-star mission. The objective of the quest is to simply slay a Barroth. Upon completion of the mission, players will be able to obtain items needed to craft a Ryu armor set. By equipping said armor, your hunter will transform into Ryu himself.

Besides the full Ryu armor set, the Street Fighter V collaboration event also provides titles and a Guild Card background for free. Paid additions to the downloadable content include a sticker set (“Street Fighter V Set”), as well as Ryu’s signature gestures: Hadoken and Shoryuken.

Currently, the Ryu event quest is only available to certain PS4 users at the moment. However, Capcom assures that the Street Fighter V crossover quest will become universally available to all PS4 and Xbox One players at a later date.

It’s worth noting that Ryu is not the only Street Fighter character to be included in World. As per the Monster Hunter website, the second round of the Street Fighter V collaboration event will feature none other than Sakura. Details on this second round have not been divulged. But, similarly to the Ryu event quest, the next collaboration event will provide a full armor set that will allow players’ hunters to turn into Sakura when equipped.

Horizon Zero Dawn Event

Street Fighter is not the only title privy to World’s crossover events. Previously, a Horizon Zero Dawn Event Quest awarded players with a Watcher costume for their Palico. While the quest has come and gone, Horizon Zero Dawn will continue to emerge in the universe of World with even more crossover content.

The next Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quest, which is scheduled to become available on February 28, will grant players with the ability to change their appearance to Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy. Similar to the previous crossover event, though, this next quest will only be available to PS4 players.

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