‘Monster Hunter: World’ Guide to Defeating Anjanath

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Monster Hunter: World
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As some avid Monster Hunter: World fans may already know, the game’s next crossover quest with Horizon Zero Dawn entails the defeat of one particular creature: the Anjanath. Though this creature is available to hunt even outside of the special Horizon Zero Dawn quest, it definitely helps to dive into the hunt prepared so as to readily obtain what the quest awards to successful players: a full armor set that allows a player to turn their Hunter into Horizon Zero Dawn’s very own protagonist, Aloy.

Monster Hunter: World Guide to Beating Anjanath

Found in the Ancient Forest, the Anjanath is arguably one of the tougher beasts to beat in World. Players will need to have their Hunters at Rank 11 in order to pursue the creature in the Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quest.

When it comes to facing off against the Anjanath, it’s important to take note of its weak points. Regardless of what weapon you use, the Anjanath’s head is one definite weak spot to exploit. However, the creature’s other weak point — its tail — requires a more specific approach.

Bladed weapons are the key to severing the Anjanath’s tail. This means weapons such as the Great Sword, Long Sword, and Switch Axe are ideal when targeting the tail. The Long Sword in particular is a good option as it does not affect your mobility when attacking.

Other recommended weapons to consider are ones that offer more long-distance attacks. This includes weapons such as the Gunlance or Bow. The Insect Glaive is also a notable option as it offers quick dodging to evade the Anjanath’s severe attacks. The creature’s swiping attacks with its head and feet should be terminated soon enough with the use of these recommended weapons.

As it is a fire-based monster, it is best to make use of ice-based attacks whenever possible. Thus, players must be wary of the Anjanath’s fire attacks. Once it is deprived of its more physical attacks, the monster will later on resort to spitting fire towards your Hunter. With that said, it is best to come to the fight with fire-protective armor.

Upon defeating the Anjanath — particularly when the Horizon Zero Dawn quest has commenced — players will be awarded with the Aloy armor set. Besides the new gear, players can also scavenge for rare items such as the Anjanath Scale or Anjanath Pelt, which can be utilized later on to improve equipment.

Monster Hunter: World is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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