‘Monster Hunter: World’ Guide to Beating Diablos: Location & Strategy

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Monster Hunter: World
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Flying Wyvern are no joke when it comes to Monster Hunter: World. One species of the Flying Wyvern are Diablos, aggressive creatures that show no mercy in the Wildspire Waste. Though taking down a Diablos may pose as a challenge, it is not entirely unbeatable. Here’s how you can defeat it.

Monster Hunter: World Guide to Defeating Diablos

In Monster Hunter: World, Diablos can be found in area 15 of Wildspire Waste, next to the Northeast Camp. Before commencing the battle, it’s important to first prepare yourself and your equipment. Make sure to craft a weapon that deals Ice elemental damage, as Diablos is weak to Ice. Avoid any Fire elemental attacks, as Diablos is immune to such.

Another weakness to take note of is Diablo’s susceptibility to Paralysis. As such, it is recommended that you set aside items that can inflict the aforementioned status ailment beforehand. Also stock up on potions so as to keep your health up whilst in battle.

One attack of Diablos’ that you should keep an eye out for is its charge move. When Diablos raises its head and roars, take this as a sign to roll to the side in order to evade its attack.

Be sure to utilize paralysis items when you can in order to give yourself an opportunity to strike. Try to attack under Diablos’ wings to deal some substantial damage. Though it might seem tempting to take down Diablos as quickly as possible, it’s actually a better tactic to take your time in this fight. Analyze Diablos’ moves so as to familiarize yourself with its attacks.

One approach that can be used is to utilize the Charge Blade’s Guard Point and block. However, dodging in general may be a more feasible tactic against Diablos’ attacks.

Diablos will sometimes burrow underground before surfacing from underneath you, which can be a difficult move to evade. When Diablos does this, you can use a Screamer Pod to lure it back to the surface. Flash Pods can also be used for a momentary respite when the battle becomes a little too overwhelming.

Fighting Diablos in its lair can be tricky, so be careful and watch out not to be too hasty when diving in for the kill. This is one battle that will definitely test your skills — and patience — so it’s best not to rush it.

Monster Hunter: World is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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