‘Monster Hunter: World’ Guide to Beating Rathian & Rathalos

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Monster Hunter: World
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The world of Monster Hunter is filled to the brim with a variety of creatures to test your battle skills on. One notable monster in the series is Rathian, as well as its partner, Rathalos. The creatures make their comeback in the franchise’s latest entry, Monster Hunter: World, where players can fight against them and acquire materials that can be utilized to forge weapons and armor.

Who are Rathian and Rathalos?

To start things off, Rathian is the female counterpart of her species, the Flying Wyvern. Rathalos, on the other hand, is its male counterpart. Being of the same species, battle tactics against the two are fairly similar. However, Rathalos is arguably the more challenging foe of the two, especially with his more airborne attacks.

How to Beat Rathian in Monster Hunter: World

To fight off against Rathian, it is recommended to equip poison or fire resistant armor — such as the Pukei set or Anja set — to help you in battle. Rathian’s weak points are her head, wings, and tail. However, her tail is one area that should be especially focused on as this is where her poison attacks come from. Thus, cutting off Rathian’s tail should be your priority, first and foremost.

Both Rathian and Rathalos are resistant to Fire, so such an element should be avoided. Dragon is the most effective element to use against Rathian, with Thunder being the second best option. Additionally, you can utilize Stun, as this ailment is especially effective on Rathian.

Another useful tactic to keep in mind when facing off against Rathian is to keep your defense up while in battle. Make sure to bring rations that can bring up your defense, as Rathian’s attacks may be difficult to withstand if she lands multiple blows on you. Don’t forget to set aside some antidotes in case her poison attacks become a little too overhwhelming.

How to Beat Rathalos in Monster Hunter: World

Similarly to Rathian, Dragon is an effective element to use again Rathalos. His weak points are also the same as Rathian’s, although his poison attacks stem from his claws. Seeing as Rathalos deals a lot of aerial attacks, it is recommended to focus on taking down his wings so as to keep him on the ground as much as possible. Utilizing the Insect Glaive can help with his aerial attacks.

As with fighting off against Rathian, equipping armor that is resistant to fire can help against Rathalos. Rathalos deals heavy fire damage, so it’s best to have a meal that provides elemental resistance prior to facing off against him. Stun, Sleep, and Paralysis are good status ailments to deal against Rathalos as well.

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