‘Monster Hunter World’ Guide: How to Acquire Mega Man Armor & Weapon

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Monster Hunter World continues on with its special crossover events. The most recent crossover event quest to have launched involves new armor and a new weapon. However, this time around, the aforementioned equipment takes on another beloved Capcom hero: Mega Man. This Monster Hunter World guide shows you just how you can acquire the special Mega Man armor and weapon for your Palico.

Monster Hunter World Guide: How to Acquire Mega Man Equipment for Your Palico

Like previous event quests in Monster Hunter World, the Mega Man crossover event reaps rewards unique to a player’s Palico. By fulfilling event quests, players will be able to obtain not just armor their Palico, but a special weapon as well.

Known as A Rush of Blood the event quest requires players to take down two Odagarons. The seven-star mission is fairly straightforward, though take note that it does have certain restrictions that players will need to abide to. In A Rush of Blood, players will have to be careful as they will only be allowed three faints, with a time limit of 50 minutes.

Upon completion of A Rush of Blood, players will then be awarded with Mega Man Tickets. These special tickets are a crucial resource in crafting both the Mega Man Palico gear and Mega Man Palico weapon. It’s worth noting that a substantial amount of Mega Man Tickets are necessary in forging the aforementioned equipment. As such, players will be required to repeat the A Rush of Blood event quest several times in order to get their hands on an adequate amount of Mega Man Tickets.

For the Palico armor, head to the Smithy and access the Forge Palico Equipment section. From there, go to Full Armor Sets. This is where you will be able to craft the Mega Man armor. Doing so will cost three Mega Man Tickets. The gear consists of the Mega Man Helmet and Mega Man Suit.

On the other hand, the special Palico weapon will cost two Mega Man Tickets. To craft the Mega Man weapon, simply access the same Forge Palico Equipment section and head on over to the Standard Equipment area. It is here that you will find the Mega Man set’s weapon, known as the Mega Buster.

Monster Hunter World Guide to the Mega Man Quest: How Long Will it be Available?

As is the case with previous crossover events in Monster Hunter World, the Mega Man event quest is merely a temporary addition into the game. While the special gear is already available and up for grabs, acquiring it will only be available until April 27.

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