‘Monster Hunter: World’ Guide Book Has All You Need to Know About the Game

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Monster Hunter: World
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Monster Hunter: World will soon be getting its own guide book filled with every bit of information players may need to know about the game. Seeing as World boasts of quite the vast universe of its own, a hefty guide book seems only fitting to supplement how players consume the game.

Monster Hunter: World Guide Book: Over a Thousand Pages of Monster Hunter Goodness

The anticipated guide book will be released next month and will be available via Amazon Japan. Its contents will cover subjects such as the game’s basic lore and history, weapon data, armor skills, and field characteristics.

Furthermore, the guide book also provides details on Hunter techniques and recommended combos for all 14 weapons. It will also contain a comprehensive bestiary that features data on all monsters. Such data will include a monster’s attributes, attack characteristics, and weaknesses. Seeing as World can be quite the challenging game on its own, the guide book is very timely and could even make for less stressful gameplay.

Of course, there are players who would much rather face the challenge of World head-on. Regardless, the Monster Hunter: World guide book is a notable addition to any fan’s collection. Though it will release in March, there is no news yet as to whether the guide book will be available outside of Japan.

Next Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover Quest on the PS4

In other news pertaining to the game, World’s next crossover quest with Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on February 28 and will be available until March 15. As some fans may recall, the game’s previous Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quest provided players with the opportunity to obtain Watcher armor for their Palico. This time around, the special event quest will allow players to create armor that turns a player’s Hunter into Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy.

For this second Horizon Zero Dawn special event, players must partake in the quest called The Proving. The Quest Level is at six stars and requires players to Hunt an Anjanath. Take note that Hunters will need to be at Rank 11 in order to partake in this quest. As per Capcom, the Anjanath can be found in the Ancient Forest. By accomplishing the quest, players will be awarded with not just a full armor set of Aloy, but also Aloy’s Bow to complete to whole look.

This wouldn’t be the first time World allowed players to seemingly take control of other characters from other games. Other than the Horizon Zero Dawn armor sets, World also featured a Street Fighter V event quest that awarded players with an armor set of the one and only Ryu.

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