Monster Hunter World Guide: Best Weapons for Beginners

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Monster Hunter: World
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As some may already be aware, the latest addition to Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise is now out. Monster Hunter: World, the most recent entry in the aforementioned series, released in January 2018. Since then, it has continued to keep fans abuzz with not only enthusiasm, but also curiosity as to how to approach certain hunts and quests.

While the game may be a welcome inclusion for many longtime Monster Hunter fans, it may be a little overwhelming for some newcomers. This may be especially so when it comes to making decisions on your arsenal. There are 14 weapons to choose from, after all, which may make things difficult when deciding on which one to wield. At the very least, there are some weapons that may best others, especially when it comes to new fans of Monster Hunter. Here are the ones you need to keep an eye out for.

The Best Weapons for Beginners of Monster Hunter: World

For newcomers of the Monster Hunter franchise, the Insect Glaive is one option that should be considered when picking out your weapons. Granted, it may take some getting used to, but it makes for a good selection with its mix of close range and long distance battle capabilities.

The Insect Glaive allows players to send out a Kinsect to aid them in battle when need be. With the Kinsect, players will be able to extract resources from their foes and utilize these to their advantage. Furthermore, the Insect Glaive boasts of quick melee and aerial attacks, allowing players to land some formidable blows.

Dual Blades are the weapon of choice for those who prefer a more close combat approach. The Dual Blades are especially good for beginners as they allow for quick attacks that deal a good amount of damage. Plus, the Dual Blades also enable Demon Mode, which allows for even more attack speed and damage.

Then there is the Light Bowgun. This weapon is ideal for players who prefer a long distance range of attacks. To better utilize the Light Bowgun’s range, it is recommended to assort your ammunition, as each type can deliver a variety of effects to monsters. The Light Bowgun also has healing properties so long as it is equipped with the right type of ammo. Doing so will allow players to aim at their allies and shoot them with health-boosting ammo.

Are you new to Monster Hunter: World? Which weapon will you be choosing to start off your adventure? Let us know in the comments section below!

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