Monster Hunter PS4: Will Frontier Z Release Outside Japan?

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Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom recently unveiled the next chapter of the online-focused Monster Hunter series. The new title called Monster Hunter Frontier Z looks pretty exciting. However, it seems that the game is slated for Japan only. With all the success the game has outside of Japan, will a Monster Hunter PS4 title for other regions come soon?

The Monster Hunter Frontier series is an MMO, based on the beloved action franchise. So far, the game hasn?t been released outside Asia yet. The recent entries, Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, were big hits outside of Japan. This could be reason enough to release a Monster Hunter PS4 in other regions.

Although Capcom is keeping mum about it for now, we can?t fully dismiss the idea of the game launching outside of Japan. When Monster Hunter X launched in Japan last year, Capcom didn?t confirm that it will launch as Monster Hunter Generations in other regions. It took them a few months to reveal that the game will launch in North America, Europe and everywhere else. It did the same thing with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

There?s no doubt that the Monster Hunter series is a huge success. It?s become one of Capcom?s biggest titles, thanks to its commercial success. Plus, it?s becoming the king of handheld gaming. Capcom has more reason to release a Monster Hunter PS4 for other regions since fans are basically asking for it now.

Once Monster Hunter Frontier Z releases, it?s possible that Capcom will have big announcements for other regions afterward. The developer might wait out on how the game will do in Japan before officially launching it outside of the country. Monster Hunter Frontier is pretty successful now, so we?re hoping Capcom gives international fans a taste of the action.

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