Monster Hunter PS4: Why a North America Release is Possible

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Monster Hunter Online is about to get to its next chapter soon. Japanese fans of the series have been playing the game for a long time now but those outside of Japan can?t say the same. It?s weird that a Monster Hunter PS4 isn?t reaching North America and other territories for now, but there?s a lot of reasons why it?s still possible. An MMO-based on Monster Hunter may reach other regions soon and here?s why.

The Game is a Success

When Monster Hunter was finally ported for?the 3DS, it became more popular than ever. Online features made the game pretty exciting for those unaware of the series. The sales of the franchise continued to increase with each installment and Capcom isn?t holding back on it as well. A Monster Hunter PS4 would be very plausible as it?s a very good move for Capcom financially. The game?s sales could even rival Street Fighter?s and Resident Evil?s.

Capcom isn?t Afraid of International Releases Anymore

Before the game reached international territory, Capcom was very wary of whether they would port the game or not. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for example, wasn?t released outside of Japan. It was even a success on the PSP. As compared to now, Capcom is more willing to release Monster Hunter games outside of Japan. All 3DS, including the 1 Wii U title, eventually launched in other regions.

There?s Few Competition

Monster Hunter Frontier doesn?t have much to compete with. The PS4 has very few MMO titles including Final Fantasy XIV. International fans are sure to flock the Monster Hunter PS4 servers if Capcom does release it in other areas. It would be a pretty good fan service for the entire Monster Hunting community.

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