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Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch Hinted By Capcom, “Hope You Enjoy It On 3DS First”

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An Artwork Of Monster Hunter
One Of The Wyverns In Monster Hunter [Image Courtesy Of Monster Hunter Official Website]

The Nintendo Switch launched earlier this month and to the surprise of many, the console is a huge hit that managed to overtake the Wii as Nintendo’s best selling console. For now, the gaming library of the Nintendo Switch is still growing. It seems like the library is set to grow with another great title as the Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch version has been hinted recently.

Fans of Capcom’s action series have a lot to look forward too as Capcom’s Shintaro Kojima recently dropped a statement with regards to a Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch game. Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki shares Kojima’s statement over at twitter.

While the statement may not be a clear confirmation on whether the Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch version will soon materialize, we can at least confirm that Nintendo is indeed thinking about the possible title. However, it seems like we might have to wait for it a while before it gets revealed.

The most recent main release for the series is Monster Hunter XX, which launched in Japan on March 18. There’s no word on the Western release of this game, but it’s likely to be revealed soon now that the Japanese version of the game is out. As always, Capcom is likely to test the popularity of the game in Japan first before unveiling it for Western shores.

Nintendo could be planning the same thing with the Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch version. It could still be checking out the popularity of the title before revealing it. As stated by Kojima, “hope you enjoy it on 3DS first.” At this rate, we could be seeing the title after the Western version of Monster Hunter XX arrives.

Capcom’s action game is one of the most popular handheld titles out there, and it’s a good reason to buy a 3DS. The game continues to take the world by storm with each release with the number of hunters increasing with each entry. Releasing a new title for the Nintendo Switch would basically be easy money for both Capcom and Nintendo.

The console is definitely capable of running Monster Hunter as apparent by how big and how well Zelda Breath of the Wild looks. What’s certain for now is that if a Monster Hunter game does arrive on the Nintendo Switch, it’s going to be a hit once again.

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