Monster Hunter Generations Tips: Make Gathering Quests Easier

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There are a lot of quests in Monster Hunter Generations and it takes a lot of hours and effort to accomplish each one. Aside from the usual slaying and capturing quests, players are also tasked with the ever bothersome gathering quests. It?s not the most exciting type of quest in Monster Hunter, but it?s where players can get the most materials. Here are a few tips for making gathering quests easier in the game.

Go Into Prowler Mode

This is very important. The Palicos are not that proficient and devastating as compared to human hunters during combat, but if players are looking to accomplish a few gathering quests, then Prowler mode is the way to go. In Prowler Mode, there won?t be any stamina limitations and environment effects, so players can run around all they want and also not have to worry about Cold and Hot Drinks. Even better is that Palicos have an infinite number of Pickaxe and Bug Nets.

Create A Set For Gathering

If players don?t find Prowler mode in Monster Hunter Generations exciting and they would rather stick to the normal form of questing, then the best tip is to create a specific armor set for gathering. Chances are, there are no large monsters during gathering quests; if there are any, they can be avoided, so high defenses is not that important. Create sets that have very useful skills like Gathering, Divine Whim (decreases chances of Pickaxes and Bug Nets breaking) and Stamina.

Check Online For Specific Items

If you?re looking for specific items, then it?s better to be informed first instead of going about random areas in hopes of getting the right material. Check online to see the location of each rare item to save up time in gathering. Forums and the wikias are good sources of information regarding item locations in Monster Hunter Generations.

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