Monster Hunter Generations Release: Things You Should Know Before Buying The Game

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Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom?s latest entry in the Monster Hunter series will finally launch to other regions in a few days, and series fans are very excited for it. Those new to the series may still be undecided as to whether or not the game is worth buying, but there are a lot of reasons to be very hyped about it. For those unfamiliar with the series and Monster Hunter Generations, here are a few things you should know before buying the game when it launches on July 15th.

Prowler Mode

This is the biggest addition to the franchise. It?s a mode that places players in the shoes or paws of a Palico or the feline companion in the game. Past titles only allowed players to bring the cats on a quest, and they are AI-controlled only. This time around, we?ll be seeing monsters in an even bigger angle from the small frame of a Palico. Gameplay between human hunter is similar in controls, but being a Palico plays a lot differently to being a human.

More Action-Packed

If players have played the previous Monster Hunter titles, they may be in for a shock as Monster Hunter Generations is more action-packed, thanks to Hunter Styles and Hunter Arts. It?s worth noting, however, that the new combat additions are easy to grasp, so newbies and old fans won?t have any trouble with it.

New 3DS and 3DS Differences

If the cartridge of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is played on a New 3DS, it will receive graphical enhancements including better draw distance. It?s also going to perform a lot better as compared to the old model. We can expect the same enhancements when playing the game on a New 3DS.

Playing Monster Hunter Generations on a New 3DS is also better as players will no longer need to purchase a circle pad pro for an extra analog as the New 3DS has a C-Stick.

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