Monster Hunter Generations Release: Why You Should Be Hyped

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Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom?s Monster Hunter series is slowly but surely gaining popularity in other parts of the world, and it?s all because of the evolving gameplay of the action series. This July 15, Monster Hunter Generations will finally launch for the 3DS, and the newest entry in the franchise is probably the biggest one yet.

The game launched several months ago in Japan, and as expected, it was met with good reception from series? fans. Here are a few reasons why you should be excited for Monster Hunter Generations.

Hunting Styles/Arts

One of the new additions to the game is Hunting Styles and Hunting Arts. These really change up the gameplay, but long-time fans shouldn?t fret as the same hack and slash action is still present in the game, but only improved upon. Hunting Arts are special moves that allow the players to have buffs and deal massive damage to monsters.

On the other hand, Hunting Styles are like stances that players can choose from to suit their play styles. There will be four Hunting Styles in the game: Guild, Striker, Aerial and Adept.

New Monsters

As with any other entry in the series, the next one will introduce new monsters to slay or capture. Monster Hunter Generations will have four flagship monsters: Gamut, Raize, Tamamitsune and perhaps the most frightening of all, Dinovaldo. Fans can of course see series favorites like the Rathalos and others in the game.

Play As A Cat!

Perhaps the best and most unique feature added in the next entry is the ability to use the felyne companions known as Palicoes in Monster Hunter in quests of their own. Like previous titles, players are allowed to give weapons and armor to their Palico. Playing as a Palico is way different from playing as a human hunter, so it may be a lot to digest.

There are a lot of new features in Monster Hunter Generations, and all that?s left is to wait for the release date. Drop in on us here at TheBitbag for guides and updates for the game.

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