Monster Hunter Generations: Monsters You Should Get Ready For

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Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom?s next entry in the hit Monster Hunter franchise is bigger than ever and it?s going to launch in regions outside of Japan this July 15. As always, the game will have players battling it out with a huge roster of monster of varying types and sizes. There are new monsters and there are recurring ones as well, but all these Monster Hunter Generations monsters are going to give players a tough time. Here are some of the monsters that you should really prepare for.


This close relative of the Tigrex first made its appearance in Monster Hunter 2G/Freedom Unite for the PSP. Fans love battling it out with this agile creature since its equipment provides high affinity bonuses but it comes with high risk. Nargacugas are really fast; even faster than the Tigrex, and are capable of dishing out high damage from all ranges. Watch out for its tails and its spikes as it can really mess up your hunter.


One of the four main monsters in the game, Glavenus has features similar to a Rathalos donning spikes and a red theme. It also resembles a T-Rex in terms of overall figure. It?s main weapon is its huge and wide tail that acts as a makeshift sword. Players should be wary of attacking Glavenus from behind as he may be more dangerous there than in the front.

monster hunter generations


All hunters reach a point when they?ll have to face the game?s last boss. In the case of Monster Hunter Generations, ?it is Osutogaroa; which we?ve yet to know the english name of. ?This Elder Dragon is one of the oddest creatures there is, rivalling the likes of Yama Tsukami. It looks like a huge octopus covered with bones. Don?t be fooled by the two protruding dragon heads as these are just the tentacles of Osutogaroa.

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