Monster Hunter Generations: Low Rank Village Key Quests List

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Monster Hunter Generations

Both hunter and Palico alike are currently knee deep in quests right now, thanks to the recent release of Monster Hunter Generations. There are hundreds of quests in the game and progressing through each level might be a bit confusing. Lucky for you, we got this guide for all the Monster Hunter Generations Low Rank Village key quests.

1st Tier to 2nd Tier

  • ????????Find The Ferns ? Deliver 8 Unique Ferns
  • ????????A Fungal Hunt ? Deliver 5 ?Exquisite Mushrooms
  • ????????Wipe Out ? Slay 10 Maccao
  • ????????Another Pack Attack ? Slay 10 Jaggi

2nd Tier to 3rd Tier

  • ????????URGENT: Vaulting Outlaw ? Hunt a Great Maccao
  • ????????Rambunctious Rhenoplos ? Slay 5 Rhenoplos
  • ????????Gendrome Roadblock ? Hunt a Gendrome
  • ????????The Land Sharq ? Hunt a Cephadrome
  • ????????Hermit Grab ? Slay 5 Hermitaurs

3rd Tier to 4th Tier

  • ????????URGENT: Tusked Tantrum ? Hunt a Tetsucabra
  • ????????Stomping Grounds ? Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku
  • ????????Crustacean Frustration ? Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur
  • ????????The Desert Gourmand ?Hunt a Nibelsnarf
  • ????????Tumultuous Sprouts ? Deliver 8 Exquisite Mushrooms
  • ????????Robbed Blind ? Hunt a Gypceros
  • ????????Current Events ? Hunt a Royal Ludroth

4th Tier to 5th Tier

  • ????????Urgent: The Nocturnal Enchanter ? Hunt a Malfestio
  • ????????Wrath of ?the Rathian ? Hunt a Rathian
  • ????????Serpentine Samba ? Hunt a Najarala
  • ????????Lurkin? in the Murk ? Hunt 2 Khezu
  • ????????Crustacean Infatuation ? Capture a Shogun Ceanataur
  • ????????Hungry Eyes ? Hunt a Nargacuga

5th Tier to 6th Tier

  • ????????Urgent: The Dark Age ? Hunt a Yian Garuga
  • ????????The Fisherman?s Friend – ?Hunt a Lagiacrus
  • ????????A King, Robed in Smoke ? Hunt a Rathalos
  • ????????Fight or Uragaan! ? Hunt a Uragaan
  • ????????The Unwavering Colossus ? Hunt a Gammoth
  • ????????The Thunderclaw Wyvern ? Hunt an Astalos
  • ????????The Entrancing Water Dancer ? Hunt a Mizutsune

6th Tier to High Rank

  • ????????Urgent : The Scorching Blade ? Hunt a Glavenus
  • ????????Tuff Turf ? Hunt a Zinogre
  • ????????Tigrex by the Tail ? Hunt a Tigrex

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