Monster Hunter Generations: First Impressions From The Demo

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Monster Hunter Generations

Earlier last month, select gamers had the chance to play the demo of the next Monster Hunter game. Those who missed out on the early access of the demo had to wait a few weeks before eventually getting the game at Nintendo?s eShop. The demo launched recently, and fans are currently getting a feel of Monster Hunter Generations. So how does it hold up against previous titles?

Before being localized to other regions, the game was taking Japan by storm as Monster Hunter X. There are a lot of new features in the game, and all of it were accessible in the recently released demo.

The gameplay took a massive overhaul with Capcom?s addition of Hunter Styles and Hunter Arts. Styles help the player create a hunter that?s suitable to his playstyle. It includes the basic Guild style that?s no different from the controls and move sets of hunters in the past entry. Those looking for a challenge can choose Adept, as it relies heavily on counterattacks. The other two styles are Aerial and Striker, both of which offer a different hunting experience.

Hunter Arts, on the other hand, acts similarly to a skill that the players can use whenever the gauge gets filled. Using them is as easy as tapping the assigned area on the 3DS? touchscreen.

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The Monster Hunter Generations demo also lets players do quests from the perspective of a Palico, the game?s feline companions that were introduced in the second generation of Monster Hunter games. The Prowler mode follows a control scheme similar to playing as a human hunter, but playing as a small and vulnerable creature makes the overall hunting experience different.

The demo was really fun, and those still undecided on whether or not they should buy Monster Hunter Generations should get their hands on the demo now. There?s a lot more the game will offer on launch, and the upcoming title might be the best entry in the series yet.

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