Monster Hunter Generations: Dominate The High Rank With the Stonetsune Set

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If you?ve passed all the Low Rank Village quests and well on your way to dominating the High Rank quests, then your BujaBujaBu armor is probably not suited anymore. In fact, you probably have switched to a new set ?after rank 4 or so in Monster Hunter Generations. Now that the monsters are tougher, it?s time for a new mixed set again.

This mixed set courtesy of YouTuber King Minion aptly dubbed Stonetsune Set is made from a mix of High Rank Mizutsune and Stonefist Hermitaur parts and is a good armor for early High Rank quests. The armor pieces are as follows:

  • ????????Stonefist Cap
  • ????????Mizutsune Chest S
  • ????????Stonefist Arms
  • ????????Stonefist Waist
  • ????????Stonefist Legs

To get the materials for these equipment, you?ll need to hunt down a few Stonefist Hermitaurs and both the Low Rank and High Rank Mizutsune.

If you?ve managed to complete the set, you?ll get the following skills:

  • ????????In The Brink: Increases attack when inflicted with any status ailment.
  • ????????Bubble Dance: Gathers bubbles around you when you evade, increasing evasive capabilities.
  • ????????Stonefist Soul: Same effect as Razor Sharp (increases weapon sharpness decrease time), Recoil Down (decreases recoil for ranged weapons) and Divine Blessing (chance to decrease damage).

Basically, the set of skills that the Stonesetsune armor will allow you to become more durable and harder to hit. It?s also worth noting that this armor is pretty easy to build early on in High Rank. It also yields one jewel slot for the chest piece, and you can also gain an extra skill if you utilize the jewel slot and wear a talisman as well.

Though not as powerful as other sets in the High Rank, the Stonesetsune will last you several quests in Monster Hunter Generations, especially during the tough transition from Low to High Rank.

What do you think of this set? Let us know your armor sets below and check up on us here on TheBitbag for more Monster Hunter Generations guides.

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