Monster Hunter Generations: Building The Best Early Game Armor Set

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Monster Hunter Generations

Now that Monster Hunter Generations is out, millions of hunters are currently trying to build the best sets they can to last them through the early stages of the game. While everyone has their own preference when it comes to what armor suits them the most, the BujaBujaBu set is probably the best choice early on in the game.

This special set comes to us from Gaijin Hunter, and it adds a lot to Attack as the set will activate the Attack Up (L) skill. The set is a mix of Jaggi and Bulldrome equipment plus a few decorations, so it?s pretty easy to build, considering that the required monsters are pretty easy to hunt as compared to the other monsters in Monster Hunter Generations.

The parts are as follows:

  • ????????Bulldrome Cap
  • ????????Jaggi Mail
  • ????????Bulldrome Bracers
  • ????????Jaggi Faulds
  • ????????Bulldrome Greaves

From the get-go, Bulldromes can be hunted through the first set of Guild Quests, so players can hunt for it with a group if ever they find it difficult on their own. As for the Jaggi materials, players can do one of the first Village Quests that requires the player to kill 10 Jaggi at the Jurassic Frontier.

There are a few items that may be a bit of trouble in getting in Monster Hunter Generations, so we?ll tackle it here. For Shiny Beetle, switch to Prowler Mode; as you?ll have unlimited stamina, making quests will be faster. Do the Harvest Tour: Dunes at the online Village Quests and look for bug-catching spots inside caves for the Shiny Beetle.

All that?s left now is to craft the four Attack Jewel 1 for the armor pieces except for the Jaggi Mail that has no slots. For those having trouble with Might Seeds, switch to Prowler Mode again and do the Harvest Tour: Verdant Hills quest. Might Seeds are in a harvesting point in the first area. While there, go to area 6 and climb ?atop until you see a blue mining point where you can get Disk Stones. These rare items are needed in building some of the armor pieces above.

Lastly, to get the Aquaglow Jewel for the decorations, head to area 5 from area 6 and mine the rocks for the materials.

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