Monster Hunter Generations: Best Great Swords In The Game

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After picking the perfect armor set, it?s time to get to the weapons. Everyone has their own preferred weapons to use in Monster Hunter Generations, and with the game?s wide variety to choose from, players are often confused as to what weapon to main in. Even if they do have a weapon type of their choice, they?ll still be left with choosing what weapon tree is the best for them. If you main in using the Great Sword, here are some of the best of this weapon type in Monster Hunter Generations, courtesy of Gaijin Hunter.

Ashen Array

This weapon from the Hellblade Glavenus not only looks terrifying, but it?s also one of the best Great Swords in Monster Hunter Generations. Its sharpness reaches up to the White level, so expect this weapon to cut through any monster. It has 200 basic attack that is very powerful when paired with the weapon?s 5% affinity. Perhaps the best part of this weapon is it has a Blast element of 30. Be forewarned though that the Hellblade Glavenus is one of the toughest monsters in the game.

Heavenly Sunshine

This weapon from Amatsumatsuchi isn?t very sharp, so it?s not for monsters with a really tough exterior. However, it deals a lot of damage still with a 240 attack. It also has -20% affinity, so it could deal lesser damage from time to time. Heavenly Sunshine isn?t the type of weapon to equip as is, and it?s recommended that the weapon be paired with Blunt Edge so that it gets more tougher the less sharp it gets.

Dark of Night

If you?re looking for sharp weapons in Monster Hunter Generations, then the Dark of Night might just be the Greatsword for you. It?s the last weapon in the Nargacuga weapon tree, and its sharpness is second to the Seregios weapon tree. However, Dark of Night has 190 attack and a whopping 35% affinity. It also has two extra slots, so its high affinity can be increased more with the Expert skill.

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