Monster Hunter Generations: Beginner Tips

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Monster Hunter Nintendo Switch

The latest entry in Capcom?s Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Generations, is now finally available. Series fans have a lot to be excited about as the game is offering a lot more features than the previous titles, while those unfamiliar with the franchise now have a good reason to get in on the hype. We have a few tips for both beginners and veterans alike to help you on your journey in the game.

Pick A Hunter Style That Suits You

One of the new features introduced in Monster Hunter Generations is Hunter Styles. Here?s a summary of each.

  • Guild Style ? The basic style that Monster Hunter has been known for. Excellent for beginners and veterans and allows the use of two Hunter Arts.
  • Striker Style – ?Perfect for beginners as it?s relatively easy to use. Allows three Hunter Styles, and the Arts gauge fills up very quickly as well.
  • Aerial Style ? Suited for those who are very keen on mounting monsters, and it?s better off at the hands of veterans. Allows one Hunter Art, and you propel yourself to great heights using your weapon, your teammates or even barrels.
  • Adept Style ? A style suited for those who are patient and have gotten the grasp of each weapon?s range and timing. Relies on evades and guards to counterattack monsters. Allows one Hunter Art.

Gather With Prowler Mode

Another new feature is the Prowler Mode, which allows you to control a Palico. If ever you?re going to gather materials, opt for Prowler Mode instead as you no longer have to worry about Stamina. You can run all you want without being tired, making gathering quests a lot faster.

Mix And Match

While sets are good and all, some hunters are better off mixing armor pieces to get the most out of skills. This is particularly the better choice in the latter parts of Monster Hunter Generations. Don?t be afraid to mix and match set pieces and look for one with a good set of skills instead of that with high defense.

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