Monster Hunter Sales XX Could Jeopardize Western Release

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Monster Hunter XX
Artwork For Monster Hunter XX [Image Courtesy Of Capcom]

A new Monster Hunter game was introduced in Japan a few days ago and its servers are probably teeming with players now. The new game, much like its predecessors, is exclusive to Japan for now. Most Monster Hunter games eventually see its release in other regions; however, new data on the game’s sales could jeopardized the localization of Monster Hunter XX.

Media Create (via Dualshockers) has released a ranking of the best selling games in Japan. The report focused on the initial sales of Monster Hunter XX and how it was “unsatisfactory.” Surprisingly though, Monster Hunter XX sold a lot of copies on its initial week.

The recent entry sold an impressive 848, 467 copies in its first week alone. It’s a very high number of sales as compared to the first week sales of Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which sold 148, 800 and 144, 600 copies respectively.

Media Create’s comment on the “unsatisfactory” performance of the first week sales of the game could be related to another data. “Monster Hunter XX sold only 72.3% of the copies shipped by Capcom in Japan, which is over ten percentage points than its predecessors, which were at 91.84% for Monster Hunter Generations and 85.4% for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate,” says Dualshockers.

The firm is yet to fully explain why the release is considered as an “unsatisfactory” performance by the most recent entry in Capcom’s series. Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad shares on twitter that Capcom won’t be able to reach its expectations on sale on a few game including Monster Hunter XX, Dead Rising 4 and Resident Evil 7.

If the game did not pass Capcom’s expected number of sales, then the might no longer be launched outside of Japan.With it’s past entries, Capcom has always released a Monster Hunter game in Japan first. If it sells well, then it will get a release in other regions. All fans can hope for now is that the game has surpassed the expectations of Capcom themselves.

The release of a Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch could also rely on the performance of Monster Hunter XX. Many are anticipating whether Capcom will make its debut on Nintendo’s new console, but we’ve yet to hear anything about it for now. The game would fit perfectly on the new console. As evident in the graphical quality of Zelda Breath of the Wild, a Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch would look more amazing.

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