Monster Hunter 5 PS4 Release Won’t Kill Nintendo Switch Versions

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Monster Hunter 5
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Rumors about Monster Hunter 5’s release on the PS4 and Switch have popped up on 4chan earlier this week. Some fans are afraid that having a mainline game exclusive to the PS4 will affect the Monster Hunter games on Nintendo devices. However, fans shouldn’t worry about the Nintendo versions of Monster Hunter, even if the PS4 version rumors come true.

Monster Hunter 5 Rumors

The leak on 4chan claims that Monster Hunter 5 is strictly going to be a Sony exclusive game featuring mechanics commonly found in Western RPGs like open world and few resource grinding. Meanwhile, Nintendo will allegedly continue receiving new portable Monster Hunter games, but it’ll retain its traditional gameplay mechanics.

Monster Hunter titles have been Nintendo exclusives since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in 2011. If the rumor is true, Monster Hunter fans could be torn between the Sony and Nintendo consoles again.

Everybody Wins

However, Cerium’s thread on the NeoGAF forums raises some good points about how having separate versions of Monster Hunter on Sony and Nintendo platforms won’t harm one another. Switch owners will have the Monster Hunter XX on August 25 and Sony will have Monster Hunter 5 in 2018, if the rumored release actually push through. It’s a win-win situation for everybody as both Western and Japanese fans will have a title for each platform.

Players must also note of 4chan community’s fixation on divisive discussion to champion their preferred platforms over others. The 4chan community tends to say contrarian thoughts to express sarcasm, humor, or pure spite to other people in their discussions. Current Monster Hunter fans shouldn’t worry that much if Sony does get their own Monster Hunter.

Historical Monster Hunter Release

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series started out its first entry on Sony platforms, namely the  PlayStation 2. The series only started to branch out to Nintendo when Monster Hunter Tri was released on the Wii instead of the PlayStation 3. PlayStation 3 did get a remaster of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but was only released in Japan. Even before the console jump, the English Monster Hunter releases have always been months or years later than the Japanese release.

Western fans definitely have a problem in following the Monster Hunter series faithfully. Months of waiting could be solved through importing a copy from Japan and reading guides to maneuver the menus. Releasing a Monster Hunter 5 exclusive on the PlayStation 4 could definitely answer the needs of Western fans and Sony could even get their older PS2 and PSP audience back. We can only wait for Capcom’s upcoming reveals this year if we’re really going to get a PS4 exclusive Monster Hunter 5.

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