Monster Hunter 4 Weapons For Your Badass Characters

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Badass characters are represented by their badass weapons. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII has a Buster Sword, Link from Legend of Zelda has the Master Sword, Dante from Devil May Cry has the Rebellion; any badass character has to have a great weapon. But on the ?not so ridiculous? side of gaming, Monster Hunter 4 has something that will probably blow you away.

Monster Hunter series is one of the most celebrated role-playing games. This game is known for beating up monsters way out of their league. It takes time to defeat monsters as you do not really know if you are beating a low health monster or the other and takes up lots of gaming time as monsters does not have any heal bar. But with all its technical differences with other RPG games of the same type, Monster Hunter 4 has something you might not expect. Monster Hunter 4 weapons have lots of variations.

Most of them are oversized swords with furry designs and crooked blades. They also have pikes and lances that might be impossible to use in a real-world scenario. No one saw it coming, but a pig is now a devastating weapon. In conclusion to the ?Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Weapon Design? contest, the Emperor?s Speech was made into a weapon.

Here?s what it looks like,

And here?s the concept art,

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Well, according to the author of this ?fabulous? weapon, Lin Setzekorn; ?After lots of sketching, researching hunting horns and asking for feedback, I came up with the final design of the horn Something that’s sturdy, royal, but still cute. I also changed Poogie itself because I liked this silhouette more. In the end I had a lot of fun making this weapon! A big thank you to everyone who has helped me with it. Good luck to everyone who is entering!? As you use the weapon, the poogie will oink every time you hit it on something. It might be annoying in the long run but have fun of it while it?s there.”

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