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Monitor your baby’s health while they sleep with the world’s first ever smart sock

This monitoring device used by over 1 million babies is all you need to stay on top of your infant’s health

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The task of caring for an infant doesn’t end when the lights go out. In fact, parents become even more anxious when their babies are asleep. While it’s only natural to worry about your child’s health and wellbeing, staying on top of these things shouldn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to this revolutionary smart device – Smart Sock – you can now easily monitor your baby’s health while they sleep.

What is Smart Sock

Smart Sock is a smart device designed to help parents monitor their baby. It is engineered to give you an in-depth peek at your baby’s well-being, tracking oxygen level, heart rate and sleep trends – all while you also enjoy a peaceful night of sleep to yourself.

How does Smart Sock work?

Smart Sock uses an award-winning technology that notifies you if your baby’s readings leave preset zones. This means that you will be getting a warning if something’s alarming or if your baby needs your attention.

Smart Sock also uses established pulse oximetry technology that’s proven to be safe and accurate, and perfect for use for your little one.

What features will I love about Smart Sock?
+ Track baby’s reading using Owlet App
+ Measure sleep trends
+ Notification if your baby needs you
+ HSA/FSA Approved

You can never be overly protective about your baby but it’s something you can do while you also get the rest you deserve. With Smart Sock, you can stay on top of your newborn’s health, enjoy more peace of mind, beat your anxiety and get more hours of sleep as you won’t have to keep on getting up to check on your baby.