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There is an exciting app for expectant mothers and fathers or anyone interested in following someone?s pregnancy! It is called BabyBump and its goal is to make the planning for the baby?s arrival more enjoyable. It features a forum board and online social network that allows user to connect to other mothers and fathers that are in the same planning cycle. Aside from that, it also displays helpful pregnancy and baby products that are all guaranteed as safe by experts. It also has a means of tracking weight and a due date countdown.


BabyBump also has these features:

  1. User may choose an avatar; indicate her name, weeks and days she is in her pregnancy, what trimester she is in, and how many days left until her due date.
  2. The app gives the estimated length and weight of the baby and compares it to a size of a fruit or a vegetable.
  3. It provides information about the developmental stage of the baby. For instance, it displays a schematic embryo picture of the baby each week. It gives health tips and even provides the common symptoms, cravings, and bodily changes that pregnant mothers can expect each week.
  4. It has a journal where the user-mother can record her body specs, such as waist size, moods, weight, and even appointments.
  5. It also has a photo section where users can save photos for keepsake.
  6. It has videos that show information on the birth process, a list of newborn essential items that you need for Baby’s arrival, and a checklist of your birth plan. Kick counter – A nice timer to record kick sessions.
  7. It ?has a counter that record contractions.
  8. It has a list of baby names for both boy and girl.
  9. And the most exciting feature is this: the development in the pregnancy can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

So, mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be, what are you waiting for? Download ?this excellent app that is trusted by expecting families worldwide. Have this iPhone companion and start monitoring your baby and meet and share with other parents around the globe!





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