Monday Roundtable: Favorite 90’s Games, Japanese or Western Gaming, and Games of March

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Every Monday evening, The Bitbag staff gets at least 5 staff members together to share their thoughts on a topic that one of us has suggested. The topic can be anything gaming related. Our thoughts on recent news, our opinions on gaming philosophy, or reflecting on gaming?s past. The responses will be short and to the point (never longer than two paragraphs). We hope that this will give you, the reader, a better insight to us as people and gamers. We also hope that this creates interesting discussions in the comments section with you guys sharing your thoughts on the topic at hand.

This week’s topics:
1. If you could only pick up one title in March, what would it be and why?
2. Looking back at the 1990’s, what was your favorite game and why?
3. Western or Japanese Developers. In 2010, which group of developers are of a higher quality and why?

If you could only pick up one title in March, what would it be and why?

Torrence Davis: Battlefield Bad Company 2 because it’s the war simulation I’ve been waiting for.

Braynbasher: Between Just Cause 2, Metro 2033, BFBC2, God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13, MLB 2k10, MLB 10: The Show. I think that BFBC2 pound for pound is the game I will be picking this month. It will give me the most hours of enjoyment.

DBPhoenix: God of War III because I am really excited to finish the story and see the advancements in the game engine Santa Monica has made.

Michael A: Battlefield Bad Company 2 – It is one of two games that even has my attention in the month of March (Metro 2033). The demo simply captivated me. Finally, a FPS where just killing people is not the M.O. One where teamwork and communication are required for victory. One where the whole silly, fake “rambo” ideology that some OVERRATED and SHALLOW FPSs have (I don’t even have to bother naming them) is frowned upon and is actually detrimental to victory.

MattG: Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve been a fan of the franchise since I was a little kid and I have high hopes for this game. People complain about it being linear, but as long as Square provides its fans with a great story and memorable characters then I’ll be content. Nothing beats the music, art style, and stories of a Final Fantasy.

Anonymous Bitbag Fan: God of War 3, cause if not, you are Gay!!!

Looking back at the 1990’s, what was your favorite game and why?

Tor Davis: Guardian Heroes – Treasure is one of my favorite throw back game developers. I put many hours into that game and it seemed like every time I played it was different.

Braynbasher: I think I played more hours of Gunstar Heroes with my brother than any other activity in the 90’s. We must have beat that game over 300 times and we were only 10 and 7 at the time.

DBPhoenix:?Metal gear solid just edges out medieval on the ps1. Both games caught my imagination and took too much sleep away from me

Michael A: This one is tough. So many games: WWF No Mercy wrestling (all the AKI engine wrestling games really), Jet Force Gemini, Golden Eye, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Virtua Fighter 2, and more. I don’t know if I can really pick because all of the previously named games have not only help mold me into the gamer I am now, but also are still great games for me to play even now are derserving of remakes in the cases where remakes have not taken place. I will list Virtua Fighter 2 just because of my profound love of that game. It cemented Virtua Fighter as a staple series for me. I can make an arguement ofr any game I listed though.

MattG: Final Fantasy VIII. Yeah, I said it! Not VI or VII. I loved VIII from the second I put it into my PS1 as a kid. The opening cinematic sucked me into this world that I’ve never seen before with graphics that I thought were mindblowing for the time. The story and the music were interesting, and the combat was much better, in my opinion, than VII. Probably the most amount of time I put into a game from the 90’s. Looking back I see it’s flaws, but for it’s time it blew me away.

Anonymous Bitbag Fan: None, cause there were no God of War games.

Western or Japanese Developers. In 2010, which group of developers are of a higher quality and why?

Tor Davis: Western devs have been stepping their game up for years. While there are fewer Japanese developers showing some truly genre defining work, most of them are stuck in the past making games that are ‘safe’.

Braynbasher: Western Development has been killing Japanese development for at least 5 years. A child of the 80’s and 90’s we use to wait months or even years for games to come to the West. That is no longer the case. Japanese development does produce the gems that give you a glimpse of what’s to come from them. Eco and Final Fantasy 13 spring to mind.

DBPhoenix: I am a fan of collaborations between the two, I think the best games are made when they work together.

Michael A: As of right now, I will pick Western Developers but that is not to say there aren’t any Japanese Developers doing work. In fact, I personally don’t see the point of creating this dynamic for games. It is just something for idiot fanboys to circle jerk about and fight over. There are developers from both regions that are making great games. Capcom has be one of the most consistent developers this generation. Ubisoft has but out quality title after quality title. EA has gone from the “bad” guy to a forerunner in the market and has some of the best games to come out period (Mass Effect series, I am looking at you). The only reason I even said Western developers in the begining is due to the fact that I find that in the RPG genre, “Japanese” RPGs have become archaic where as “Western” RPGs contintue to go in new directions and merge lots of other gameplay elements together. The potential is still there and I think it is safe to assume that JRPGs are going take note of the critical and financial success of make some innovations of their own. In reality, they feed of each other and in the future we will have great games from both regions without people focusing on said regions.

MattG: I do really appreciate all the quality titles that Western developers pump out, but I think when Japanese developers are on their “A” game that I appreciate their titles more. Kojima, Miyamoto, Team Ico, Capcom, Final Fantasy team, etc. I think Japanese developers can be more creative, and have more interesting environments and stories to tell.

Anonymous Bitbag Fan: Western devs, because they made God of War.

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