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Mojang?s Changes to Minecraft?s Rules Elicited Anger from Players

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Last June 12, Mojang, the game development company responsible for the extremely popular and successful Minecraft, posted an official statement on its website. This statement contained a response to several disagreements taking place via Twitter regarding how extensive server companies may monetize the content and services they offer to Minecraft players.

Owen Hill, the spokesperson for Mojang released his explanation for this, and according to him, the Minecraft server providers are given the chance to accept donations made by players, given that these are not used as a means to ?pay for? game items, and power-ups that will give them the upper hand in the game.

His response also included a statement saying that, these server providers could charge Minecraft gamers for entry. Payments can also be accepted for customization of items, such as pets and hats among other stuff, that are to be used for personalization. However, these payments should not be charged for items that will impact the ?gameplay, including potions, powerful swords, ?and anything else that will give the players some advantage in the Minecraft world.

In other words, Mojang?s response was a way to tell Minecraft server companies to stop offering players with a ?pay-to-win? model.

The result? Owners of Minecraft servers disagree completely.

Just after a few days from the time the statement was posted, the hashtag ?#saveminecraft? was created and have been seen by more than 500,000 users already. Mojang was compared unfavorably to other large video game developers such as Activision and EA, with the former having been a subject of numerous criticisms for its extremely restrictive digital rights rules and regulations, as well as stringent user license agreements.

People ? players and Minecraft server companies alike ? are angry for Mojang deciding to put its foot down and be more restrictive. No further statements have been released by the game developer yet, but many believe this silence won?t be that long.

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