Mojang: Current Players Of Minecraft PS3 Can Have Minecraft PS Vita For FREE

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Mojang, Minecraft’s Developer, has offered its PS Vita version for FREE, given that you have a?PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft.

For those who do not have PS3 copy, Mojang is offering a special price of $19.99 for both PS3 and PS Vita copies.

PS3 and PS Vita Compatibility

Most of the features in PS3 are present in PS Vita, even the multi-player option. Any Minecraft games you save in PlayStation 3 can be imported and played in PS Vita. You can play the PS3 version at home and play your saved game using PS Vita while?travelling.

All ?DLC packs bought for PS3 will work just fine on PS Vita because both systems are compatible with each other.

The Computing Power of PS Vita

When it comes to computing power, game consoles like PlayStation 3 is considerably more powerful than hand held devices such?PS Vita. However, Mojang promised that game features on PS Vita will never be ?slimmed down?. The developer is confident that PS Vita has the ?power to? smoothly handle full features of the game.

Next Generation Gaming Platforms

Aside from PS Vita, Minecraft will also be available for the next generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Compatability to PlayStation 4

The Minecraft version on PlaysStation 4 features better draw distance and bigger worlds. Because of the console?s superior game features, you will not be able to download and import saved games from PS4 to PS Vita. You can however, play PS Vita version on PlayStation 4 through remote play feature. To access the remote feature, simply plug in your PS Vita to the designated port of your PS4.

Background Information on Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that involves blocks to create structures and worlds as envisioned by the player. The game also provide?challenges to players who are more inclined to battle enemies in the game. Minecraft has sold over 50 Million copies on all available platforms. However, no release date has been set yet for PS Vita version of Minecraft.

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