The Moffat Twins are Back as Endless Summer; Listen to their EP Here

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Step 1, learn how to play at least one musical instrument. Step 2, gather 3 more members who could maybe sing. Step 3, be cute and adorable. Step 4, sing songs about puppy love and broken teenage hearts. And lastly step 5, be squeal-worthy. When boy bands broke out in the ?90s, an underrated Canadian pop group named The Moffats made their mark, not because they got away with the squeal factor alone, but because they actually made their own music and played real instruments themselves.

The Moffats was a boy band (in the word?s real sense) of 4 brothers formed in 1995, made up of Scott (vocals and lead guitar), identical twins Bob and Clint (drums and bass), and fraternal triplet Dave (keyboards). They shot to fame in 1998 when they released their first album, ?Chapter 1: A New Beginning.?

?Chapter 1? sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, and received a double platinum in Canada where they were declared the Best New Band of 1998.


Breaking free from their pop image, they signed up with Metallica producer Bob Rock. Together, they produced ?Submodalities?, which featured a hard-edged rock flavor that they thought was the genuine Moffat sound. The album sold more than 100,000 copies. After going on tour in August 2001, the band broke up. Bob and Clint joined a band called Pusch in 2002. Scott moved to Thailand and worked as a producer for Sony BMG Music, and Dave attended school at the University of Winnipeg.

Fifteen years later, half of the band (the twin half) is back with a country/pop vibe under a different band name, Endless Summer. Twins Clint and Bob have come up with an EP, which you can listen to on Spotify for free right now, and you can get on iTunes if you want to keep the records for yourself.

Have a listen to the 6-song EP; so far Endless Summer doesn?t disappoint. The sound is more mature, the melody clean and overall more confident and sure of itself. The single ?Amen to Women? has a beachy surf-vibe that goes well to this homage for all the ladies out there. It?s boy band bowing down to girl power. Watch their adorable Facebook Live video here.

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