Modify your sleeping pod to any form you want, anytime

This remote-powered bed frame guarantees personalized comfort for any type of sleeper

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Waking up from a nice, deep sleep on a rest day is priceless. What makes it even more satisfying is when you have no errands listed, and all you have to do is watch your favorite series all day. That said, you’re less likely to leave your bed except when you need food. However, things will be different if your bed doesn’t seem to be too friendly. And with that, let me share one product that’ll make your sleeping nook as cozy as ever.

Enough with noisy, old beds! Use Tranquil Adjustable Bed Frame, and experience a new bedroom innovation!

Sweet Night knows how you have been longing for comfort without having to leave your bed, which is why they came up with the idea of making adjustable bed frames. That way, you can transform your bed into different forms should you get rid of lying all day. And unlike other bed frames, Tranquil lets you change modes conveniently with a remote.

Our bodies constantly search for the perfect positions when sleeping. The same is true when seated in front of a big screen. But now, with Tranquil, you’ll no longer have to leave your bed to transfer to any couch or recliner chair. All the features these seats have are already available with this adjustable bed frame.

What bed positions does it have?
  • Flat position
  • Anti-snore position
  • Zero gravity position
  • TV position

Is it durable?
We’d say this adjustable bed is durable enough that it can load a maximum weight of 705lbs. It’s got sturdy legs, and it doesn’t feel shaky at any of its positions

$531 $708

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