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Modern Warfare Remastered Prop Hunt Mode To Return With Some Changes

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered update 1.09 brings a lot of new additions in the game.
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Late last week, an exciting game mode was made available in Modern Warfare Remastered and fans got to try out a really fun way to play. It seems like fans aren’t that satisfied with Modern Warfare Remastered’s take on the game mode yet. According to the developer, the Modern Warfare Remastered Prop Hunt Mode is set for a few tweaks and changes after fan feedback.

Raven Software’s Amos Hodge recently took to Twitter to announce that the developer is going to make a few updates on Modern Warfare Remastered Prop Hunt Mode. The changes will come after a few players have sent their feedback to the developer regarding the mode that originated from Garry’s Mod.

“We are making updates to Prop Hunt based on community feedback. It will return for #WeekendWarfare once the changes are ready. #MWRemastered,” said Amos Hodge. This is exciting news for those who enjoyed last week’s Weekend Warfare as there might be a new way to enjoy the exciting mode.

Modern Warfare Remastered Prop Hunt Mode was made part of last week’s Weekend Warfare in lieu of April Fools. It was a timely mode to add and players had such a fun time many even asked Hodge if they could make Prop Hunt Mode a permanent mode in the game.

The mode was all too fitting for April Fools as the game mode allowed players to “prank” others by posing as props. We’ve yet to know what the changes will be in the upcoming re-release of Prop Hunt Mode into Modern Warfare Remastered.

In the game mode, players will be designated as either a Seeker or a Hider. When playing as a Hider, players will transform into an in-game prop from the map they are on. They’ll have to blend in perfectly in the map because if they don’t, they’ll be easily discovered by the Seeker.

On the other hand, when playing as a Seeker, players will have to look for misplaced props in the map which are definitely the Hiders posing as a prop. They have to find the enemy team in a set amount of time if they want to come out as the victors.

We’ve yet to know what changes Raven Software will bring into the game mode but players are already eager to get their hands on it when it arrives on the next Weekend Warfare. For more gaming news, stay tuned to The BitBag.

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