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Modern Warfare Remastered Leak: Uplink Game Mode, Variety Map Pack, And All New Content In Datamined Files

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Modern Warfare Remastered

A new Modern Warfare Remastered leak has revealed a slew of new content hidden in the game?s files. Data-miners have discovered that the groundwork for all new maps, weapons, and game modes are already being placed.

Modern Warfare Remastered Leak Hints At New Maps And Weapons

If the files are any indication, we should be seeing the Variety map pack getting the remaster treatment soon. The pack was the only piece of DLC ever released for the original Modern Warfare. It contained four maps: Creek, Broadcast, Killhouse, and Chinatown. The last one is fans? favourite due to it being modelled after the Carentan map from the original Call of Duty. Joining these new maps is the uplink game mode, which made its debut in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

As for new weapons, it looks like Activision and Raven Software may be introducing guns that we?ve never seen in the original Modern Warfare. Based on the datamined files, two new ranged weapons are on track to be added: the Kamchatka-12 Full-Auto Shotgun and XM-LAR. On the melee side we have three newcomers: The Gladius, Sickle, and Hatchet.

Fan reaction to this news are mixed. Many say that adding new weapons goes against Modern Warfare Remastered?s goal of staying 100 percent true to the original.

“Honestly , it’s just not fair, add weapons to your newer cod, and for f*cks sake LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY when we say we don’t want you to ruin our favorite cod,? writes user SmokesHerbDaily on Reddit. Others weren?t as affected, saying that new weapons are fine as long as they are consistent with the time period the game is set in.

What?s your take on the matter? Are you ok with some new elements being introduced to Modern Warfare? To view the full Modern Warfare Remastered leak, check out this?Reddit thread.

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