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Modern Warfare Remastered DLC: Supply Drop Items And Character Customization Items Discovered

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Modern Warfare remastered DLC

Unannounced?Modern Warfare Remastered DLC?might soon become available as players have discovered some information in the game’s codes. Among those discovered are weapons and character customization features in the game. Players who have been looking into the game files have found some references to melee shovel in the game. This is not the only thing players have found so far. Some weapons from other Call of Duty games were also found in the Remastered version.

Digging deep into the game files has been a tradition these days. For many players, the efforts bring positive results, and in a similar move, some players on Reddit claim that they have not only found weapons, but there?s also a hidden dealer which was available in previous COD games.

Supply Drops

The existence of these weapons was found on Reddit.?The?files in the game also contain the ?word ?Loot?, which might mean that Activision is planning on making more money from the remaster via supply drops. Players either to spend long hours in the game to acquire supply drops or purchase them with real money. This also brings a pay-to-win experience as weapons inside these loot boxes are stronger.

New Weapons

Players have discovered a huge list of items. From Shovel melee weapon to Kamchatka auto-shotgun and the Modern Warfare 2 PP2000, everything is available in the game files. The content is still unlocked and is not available in the recently released game, but fans believe that Activision will bring them anytime soon.

If it happens, fans can expect the arrival of Galil, which is a muddy desert eagle. They can also expect to see MP44 dubbed STG 44. Additionally, the discoveries also include MW2 Striker auto-shotgun, MW2 M240 and MW2 .44 Magnum.?

Some players on Reddit?speculate that there are chances that the developer has scrapped the idea of bringing these new content in the final game. According to them, there were some files in other Call of Duty titles that were never unlocked by Activision. It is still unclear whether Activision is planning to bring these weapons and customization options to the game, as the studio hasn?t revealed any such plans. As the PlayStation Experience 2016 in December is nearing, we can expect some announcements from Activision, as the publisher will be attending the event.

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