Modern Warfare 2: Graphics Vs Gameplay

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Over on Fourzerotwo’s blog he goes a bit more into the details of the upgraded graphical techniques that are implicated into the new MW2 game. From what I’ve seen here, it looks like companies are really getting smarter on getting more graphical performance out of these current generation consoles.

Reading the detailed post on, he goes on to say:

Innovation in gameplay, new features, new weapons, new maps, and of course, a leap in visual fidelity.

These are features that need to be met when it comes to producing a sequel. In my opinion, MW2 has some pretty big shoes to fill. From the many videos on the Web, XBL and PSN, we all know that visually the game is leaps ahead of MW1. I just hope that with all of the graphical changes, nothing is lost as far as online features and gameplay is concerned.

The bottom line is that Modern Warfare 2 is going to sell in the multi-millions and with that in mind, it doesn’t seem like they are planning to shell out some crappy sequel. ;D

Head on over to for more high resolution comparison images.

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