Modern Warfare 2 Console Just Announced Along With MP Details

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Geoff Keighley’s twitter has been letting us all in on some juicy MW2 bomb dropping. Infinity Ward have just confirmed via a press conference that there will be a limited edition Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 console (pictured above) to be released with a 250GB HD, 2 wireless controllers, and, of course, a copy of Modern Warfare 2 for $399. This limited edition is available for pre-order today throughout the US, with pre-orders being available in other regions later on. A few multiplayer details are also being revealed. What we have so far is that 4 kills nets you a care package (an ammo and health drop via heli), 5 kills and you receive the option to use a predator missile, 7 kills enables the attack helicopter, etc. Also new to the series is ‘Tactical Inserstion Equipment’ which allows you to place a mark where you will respawn. Word has also been given on some new perks including Scavenger (think looting but in an online FPS), Hardline (1 less kill is required for killstreak rewards), and Copycat (the ability to steal a class).

We’re updating this page as the announcements roll in, so stay tuned to this spot for more!

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