Modern Strike Online Guide: Getting More Guns, Grenade Tricks & Maps

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Modern Strike online

1999?s Counter-Strike is the game which ignited the iconic counter-terrorist vs. terrorist type of game which has been copied throughout the years. As a matter of fact, countless reimagined first-person shooter games were created in an attempt to follow Counter-Strike?s footsteps. This time around, a mobile game developer brought Counter-Strike for mobile devices in the form of Modern Strike Online.

Modern Strike Online Strategy Guide: Utilize the Grenades

It is important to realize that Modern Strike Online is very similar to the game Counter-Strike. In this case, grenades are just as important as guns. However, a flawless aim is required in order to utilize most of its damage

Fortunately, the grenade possesses a large effect radius. In that case, players can still do some damage to enemy units even if they have executed a terrible throw. Furthermore, players tend to get close to each other behind a cover as soon as the shooting starts, hence, it?s the perfect time to use the grenades.

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Modern Strike Online: How to Get More Weapons

Modern Strike online

At the present time, the only way to get additional weapons without spending any real currency is by unlocking creates. These crates are what keeps the players checking in to the game every four hours. Occasionally, players are to be rewarded with a legendary or a rare weapon which has a limited time usage.

Fortunately, this free, as well as timed weapons not only helps the players dominate enemies but also gives them the chance to try out specific weapons before buying it. Furthermore, an hour with M4A1 is one of the most satisfying rewards as it is an excellent worth-investing weapon.

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Modern Strike Online: Familiarize Yourself With Each Map

Being extremely familiar with a certain map really does increase the chances of winning than anything else. It is important to figure out each hiding spots and routes on every map to ensure victory. Some players, especially the newbies, usually go head on in battle.

Players should go slowly and should always be near cover in order to survive most of the time in the game. Furthermore, staying with a teammate is a good tactic because killing an opponent is easier when two or more people fired at the same target.

However, it is important to realize that a team shouldn?t stick closely together given that a few grenades can easily wipe them out. In that case, it is important to have a few distance to each other.

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