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Modern Family Season 8
Modern Family Season 8

Modern Family Season 8 has a lot in store for their viewers in time for Father’s Day. Following last season’s funeral of Phil’s mother, the three families went on for their own summer vacations.

This season will again follow the lives of the Tuckers, Dunphys and Pritchetts. They go on with their day to day lives, dealing with the nitty gritty of everyday family problems. They do it in a hilarious and engaging manner, by the way. So here’s what’s coming on Season 8.

We find Clare becoming the company president. Now Jay has to deal with this especially now that retirement is looking pretty vivid on the horizon. These two are rumored to have a power struggle to determine who’s really the boss between them. Her husband Phil, on the other hand, is still busy with his weird hobbies. Rumors are going around that Martin Short will join the spotlight this season. He’ll be working with Phil in marketing his items.

Business Is Booming

It seems that Lady Luck is in Gloria?s favor this season. Her hot sauce business seems to be clicking with the masses. It looks like she’s well on her way to becoming a great businesswoman. Then again, there’s Jay and his power struggle. How can she possibly focus on her business if she has to be a full time mom to Manny and Joe as well?

Haley and Alex had a tough year last season. They were both struggling in school as Haley got kicked out. Now she’s taking her fashion blog seriously and plans to take it up a notch. Alex, on the other hand, may just be paired up with one of the cool boys in Caltech.

On the other hand, Mitchell and Cam are putting their adoption plans on hold. Oddly though, they’ve grown interested in adopting one of Cam’s teammates into their home!

The trailer for Season 8 got fans all hyped up for the Modern Family Season 8 premiere. Don’t miss it when it airs on September 21, 9 p.m. on ABC. For more of Modern Family Season 8, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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