Modern Family Season 8: Family Reunites on Father?s Day; Jay Discovers Gloria Has Daddy Issues

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It?s Father?s Day in the Modern Family Season 8 premiere. But first, we find out what happened to their respective vacations when we left them in Season 7.

The Dunphys are in New York, and while Claire and Phil need to get to a closet convention, they decided to make a road trip out of it before going back home. They instructed Haley, Alex and Luke to take the flight straight back home instead of coming along with them. The parents and the kids sure are on the same wavelength as both groups decide to secretly stay longer in the Big Apple. After all, Claire and Phil weren?t able to do many things in New York because of one instance or another, like the Japanese restaurant that can?t accommodate groups of five. There?s also the horse-drawn carriage ride that they couldn?t take because Alex is allergic to carriage leather.

Meanwhile, Cam, Mitch and Lily are in Missouri with the Tucker family. Cam?s grandmother is still on her deathbed, supported only by a machine that keeps her breathing. Mitch rubs Cam?s family the wrong way, as he tries to enjoy his surroundings and ends up sounding insensitive to the fact that the old lady is dying. When Cam convinced Mitch to sit with his grandma for a bit, she suddenly grabs his hair, which prompted him to yell, ?Let go!? On cue, the old lady suddenly dies, and Cam?s whole family thinks that he made it happen.

Daddy issues

Over to the Pritchetts, who are in Juarez for Gloria?s cousin Mirasol?s wedding. Jay and Manny are in traditional Mexican garb. While Jay is securing sausages for the big father?s day event, Gloria spots Sonia, her sister who has a running rivalry with her. When Jay lets slip Gloria?s booming hot sauce business, Gloria hastily cuts off the family trip and urges the family to go home. Little do they know that Sonia followed them and kidnapped Manny in exchange for the hot sauce business, which was originally Sonia?s idea. But Gloria, unperturbed as she?s obviously used to her family?s antics, waited it out and soon enough Sonia brings Manny back.

The sisters discuss their past issues and Gloria reveals she has always been jealous of Sonia who was their father?s favorite daughter. This appeased Sonia, but bothered Jay as now he thinks the only reason Gloria is with him is because she has daddy issues. This was later on confirmed when Gloria produced a painting of their father that looked exactly like Jay but with black hair and a mustache.

Meanwhile, Phil and Luke are cracking under the pressure of their lies and eventually end up confessing the extended secret New York trip. We also discover that Jay is actually a sausage connoisseur, but gives up educating his family when Luke suddenly asks for ketchup.


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